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The CURIS 3 with extended nozzle achieves fast disinfection of multiple spaces, such as vehicles, offices, and bunk rooms. The CURIS 3 can dispense solution through its main nozzle or through an extended nozzle attachment. This makes it easy to switch from fogging an ambulance or office to porting into a vehicle cab.


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Equipping first responders with comprehensive disinfection solutions is at the heart of CURIS technology. We understand your disinfection system needs to be proven, effective, versatile, easy to use, and not harm equipment. CURIS is trusted by EMS, Fire, Emergency Prep, and Hospitals across the U.S. to meet their high-level disinfection needs. Using CURIS, an EMS department in one of the hardest hit counties during COVID achieved a 4% absentee rate versus a 37% rate for its neighboring counties. 

Disinfection for First Responders

Fast, Easy,

Quick and easy targeted treatments are at your fingertips with the CURIS Sprayer. Powered by the CURIS 3, the CURIS hand sprayer portable disinfection device targets CURIS' germ-killing power directly to high-touch surfaces. Better than Electrostatic–CURIS Hand Held Sprayer Portable Disinfection Device: Any place people congregate or frequently pass through can become super-spreader locations—hot spots for pathogen transmission. Facilities need a well-developed infection prevention and control plan with the right tools for disinfection. Hospitals, the National Guard, Emergency Preparedness, and EMS facilities have trusted CURIS 3 + Hand Sprayers to disinfect public spaces and help protect communities across the country. This accessory is available for purchase as an add on to the CURIS 3. 

CURIS Sprayer