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SoundOff Signal® Products and Service ‘Made Me Want to Be a Return Customer’ 

SoundOff Signal, a global leader in vehicle LED lighting, control systems and electronic warning solutions, has been providing customers with superior products and services that exceed expectations and needs for over 30 years.

This report demonstrates how SoundOff Signal has impacted Islamorada Fire Rescue as well as how the organization continues to bring new innovations to provide the utmost safety and efficiency to you and your communities.  


What are you looking for in your apparatus lighting?

Best emergency equipment on Earth. Best tech support. 

Best in-house sales. Best quality. 

The quality and craftsmanship from SoundOff are top notch.

Well-rounded offering of high-quality products that are innovative.

Who We Are

You won’t always know what lies ahead of you. But rest assured, we’ll always have your back. When it comes to lighting the way for your vehicle, you can’t afford for something to go wrong. So it’s our job to ensure that everything goes right. We make products that alert people quickly and help keep them safe; so whatever your next shift holds, you know we’re on it.

On It.

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